Why Should I Have My Own Pair of Pilates Straps?

Good question!

In many studios nationally and internationally, clients have been bringing their own Pilates straps to class for some time. The pervasive thought back then, and now during the COVID-19 pandemic, is that personal hygiene and safety in studios is best maintained when clients do not share equipment. And while the majority of the surfaces and apparatus can be quickly wiped down and sanitized, the fabric straps were a limiting factor. 

One might argue that you could simply wear gloves and socks to cover your hands and feet, and they wouldn't be wrong. But...by using your own set of washable, Pilates straps, you now have the freedom to move around, sweat and have direct contact with the machines, without inhibiting the feedback you receive from your hands and feet. Plus, they are easy! Easy to carry, easy to attach to the machines, easy to wash and easy to keep in your car until the next glorious time you are back in your favorite Pilates studio.