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Pilatesdetroit has created more than 50 recorded Stott Mat Pilates sessions, varying in length and intensity, with Allison Nakisher, MPT sprinkling small pearls of rehab wisdom along with many laughable moments. 

This library of Pilates classes is accessible through a private Facebook group and has been designed for you to enjoy whenever it works best for you. While most of the classes are built from the Stott Pilates Mat Workouts, Allison has added her own spin to others, including 30 minute express, foam roller technique and self-stretching safely classes. 

Getting started is easy: We will send you an invite to our private Facebook group, $99 monthly payment is accepted at the 1st of each month, and you can cancel at anytime. No strings attached;  just weighted balls, resistance bands, magic circles, and strong abs and booties!