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Double Loop Pilates Straps

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Our "Silver Lining" Story

Strapdetroit came about in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic when our world, along with our Pilates community, changed for the unforeseeable future. While virtually every surface of our Pilates equipment could be readily cleaned and sanitized, the fabric straps presented a real challenge. It was apparent that Pilates lovers could no longer safely share hand and foot straps. Each person would need their own super fresh and yummy feeling set.

But, it wasn't so simple to find readily available Pilates straps and they came at a fairly high price. It became clear to us our only option was to manufacture the straps ourselves.

Now 2 years later, we have all evolved through the pandemic, yet bringing your own straps to Pilates has stuck. Pilates clients love owning their unique pair!

At Strapdetroit, we are committed to making high quality, durable, comfortable, and colorful Pilates straps. It is our mission to make practicing Pilates safer by making our straps accessible and affordable.

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